Thursday 23 June 2016

Dirty Addiction

The Men over at /r/MGTOW have come up with what I think is an interesting question/statement - and a very interesting answer. This poster laments that he will probably never comprehend female "logic":
And commentor batfish55 comes up with this gem (entire comment posted):
I think too much. I have a few ideas. This post relates to one of them. I've done the best I can, but I haven't quite finished articulating this idea yet...
Yes, women have happy-nerves in their gines, and yes, they get pleasurable sensations in them when they're being treated right, but I don't think that's the payoff for them in having sex. Read on.
A man's payoff in sex? Man, busting a nut feels great. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, there's a bit of an ego-trip when you seduce a woman for the first time. But, like most other things, it'd be wrong to assume that a woman's motivation will match a man's.
I think, and it's really not much of a stretch, that a woman's payoff from sex (and I'll get to the porn thing shortly) is that she gets to ride the emotional roller coaster; she likes the feelz she gets from it. The emotional feelz, not the orgasm feelz.
Is that a surprise? How many time has the manosphere talked about men being rational beings and women being emotional beings?
Think about it....
....a girl growing up has been told allll her life (well, maybe up until recently, anyway) that sex is wrong, bad, dirty, her pussy is gross, ditto masturbation. If you're among the set that believes that women stop growing up sometime during high school, well, what do kids do when their parents tell them not to do something? That very thing.
.....And now she's fucking you. She shouldn't be. This is just wrong. She just met you. But it's so hot. Does he love me? Do I love him? Oh, I shouldn't be doing this. I feelz so wrong, but it feelz sooo right.
....why would a presumably straight girl flirt with bisexuality and fuck her BFF in college? Because it's dirty, it's sexy, she shouldn't be doing it, because it feelz dirty/wrong/sexy.
....why would a wife fuck some dude on the side rather than her dutiful, faithful, beta hubby? Because she shouldn't be. Even tho that beta at home would do anything she wanted him to, it's hotter to nail her some dude she just met because it feelz wrong.
....this idea supports the "I hate it when men look at me and sexualize me" (and maybe she really does), but she's still running around with half of her tits hanging out because showing skin and getting the sexy looks and catcalls does make her feel
...why would women do porn? Shit, if you're already doing something you really * shouldn't be doing, isn't it so much more intense if 10's or 100's of thousands of guys you'll never meet are watching you do it? *Big feelz. Plus, maybe she'll have to opportunity to nail 3 dudes at once and be covered head to toe is sweat and spooge. Dirty.
....why would a chick take it in the butt? She doesn't have happy nerve endings up there. Why? Because taking it in the pooper is even more taboo (and more wrong-er) than taking it in the gines. Lemme tell ya, as a dude that's once had a doctor's finger in his ass, that ain't no fun, even though the gay guys tells us prostate massage feels great.
....why does the girl feel sexually satisfied if she doesn't orgasm....but the guy does? Because she feelz like she was sexy enough to get him off. I think this leads into why girls blow dudes more often than dudes blow chicks.
....why is 50 Shades so popular among the girls? That shit is a manual of 'how to dirty.'
That's it for my post.
And now, I will make a prediction. I don't post on TRP anymore. I have in the past, but every time I do, I get modded out, even if I have a good point. I'm guessing it's because I don't know any mods IRL and/or because I'm not a favorite poster. BUT, on more than one occasion, I've either made a post (that later got modded out), or commented on something....and then a few days later, someone that posts often re-writes my idea, and suddenly, that post is on TRP's front page. Do me a favor, and let me know if that happens with this idea. Or feel free to troll me and tell me if someone's posted this before; I feel certain I've never read someone else say this.
Down-and-dirty anal sex thrown out on the internet for all-and-sundry to see - she gets off on the thought of 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 men jacking off to it. "Here little boys, you can watch but you can't touch! Wooo, I'm so empowered!" Just like these two posts on Belle Starr a couple of years back...she gets the emotional high of being publicly degraded...

Then there's the Dubai Porta Potties and women's delicious and complete failure at life...

We Men may be addicted to sex, something difficult genetically and mentally to break (after 20+ years of training from an infant). Modern women are addicted to MORE...

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