Wednesday 29 April 2015

Looks Like Trash

This is brought to mind by seeing a couple of girls in the past day. There was one thing in common between the girls that got my attention immediately:

Torn pants.

One was young-ish (around 20) and wearing torn jeans. You know what I mean - the type which looks like they've been worn so long that they've split horizontally in a couple of places. These days it's actually deliberate cutting-and-fraying, either straight from the manufacturer or done personally.

The other was middle-aged (I'd estimate 28-30) and wearing slashed leggings (or whatever the fuck they call those things these days - yoga pants?). When I say slashed, you know what I mean: they've been deliberately cut across in various places across the leg to expose the skin.

Fashion, how cute.

Reality is, women's standards have fallen so low that what they would have no-way worn 30 years ago - would have thrown out or used for something else - is suddenly an "in" thing to be seen wearing in public. (This must also be a symptom of the sheeplike mind of these types of twats - that there is suddenly an "in" thing at all. Fashion, brainwashing, herdism, bleh.)

Now it's time to look at men - specifically a few of the PUAs around here. Many of them go around looking sloppy, shirt hanging out, etc. The idea is that it makes them look relaxed (stupid as fuck if it's a dress-shirt, however that's my opinion only). Stuff that would never have been tolerated in my day: they'd have been told to tuck it in by all and sundry. Even people who didn't know them.

I look at guys with their pants sagging down around their knees. (Prison-code for "I'm looking for some rear-end action".) Guys who wander around in shorts and jandals in winter. (Yes Peter Jackson, I'm talking about you too. At least you upped your image once Lord of the Rings came out.)

Kids wandering around barefoot in wintertime in the rain while the parents are fat as fuck and bundled up. (Training starts early. Some of them kids don't get fed that well either.) Whole families wandering into a supermarket dressed in slippers and onesies. (Sleep-wear.)

Strangely enough, while it's okay for women to wander into a restaurant or bar wearing a singlet and jandals - it's not okay for a guy to do the same. Howzat for some double-standards. The woman can look fairly slovenly in public without a murmur, the man (still) cannot.

Looks like trash.

Sounds like trash.

Acts like trash.

Fuck me, must be trash! (Of both sexes.)

(This partially inspired by a smoko talk about flax - how it can't be put into the compost heap because it doesn't decompose - how it used to be used in linen - how clothing used to be hard-wearing. Plus noticing these two female slobs. Followed by thinking about guys the same. Funny the mind-chains that evolve.)

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