Saturday 11 April 2015

Life Is Too Short

Back when on the Personal Time and Space is Golden For Men post, I realize that I didn't make one thing explicitly clear. These days your wife expects you to cater to her all the time. It's the same for children - they pick up that mentality from mommy. This is the "it's all about meeee!" mindset in action.

I suspect that this is also the mindset being expressed when mommy has to:

* take Jimmy to Rugby practice
* take Sue to her Ballet lessons
* take everybody to the school play
* and God help you if you miss any of this you selfish and unfeeling bastard!

In my time, kids were expected to get their asses outside and entertain themselves. None of this "I'm bored, entertain me!" crap was tolerated from us. We got told to get outside and run the piss outta ourselves, climb a fuckin' tree, play in the puddles, grab the boxes of toys, all that sorta shit. We weren't catered to. We had to entertain ourselves.

Women these days seem to have the urge to be catered to, and through some warped nuturing instinct seem to want to project/push similar onto their children. (Though I think that a good chunk of that is using the children as a scorecard too.)

It comes across in the whole modern female-to-male interaction. The Man is expected to entertain her. The Man is expected to provide for her. The Man is expected to take her out to interesting places. The Man is expected to get her interesting presents. The Man is expected to <insert whatever here>.

The Man is expected to be the slave. (The code-word for "provider" translates to "slave".)

It's your choice if you want to cater to somebody every. Fucking. Moment. Of. The. Day.

Awake, asleep, it doesn't matter.

In my view: life is too short to cater to somebody else all the time.


  1. There is also the 'protector' part. Any personal sacrifice for her safety is not too much to be expected of you.

    1. A given, though the Concordia may have shaken that mentality at least somewhat.