Tuesday 17 September 2013

Equality is Lunacy

Equality, equality, equality. Piss on Political Correctness™ - it is a disease of the mind. It is a meme of inanity and delusion, filled with fluffy feel-good vibes, completely lacking in anything of true substance. It creates one thing only: mediocrity.

Apples are apples, oranges are oranges, melons are melons, and none of them are equal to the others. They're all different, they will never be the same, they CANNOT be the same. No matter what you PC twats decree with your feminist-inspired drivel - gender is NOT a social construct. Men and women are not genderless drones.

Images of Life of Brian - "I want to be a woman." "You can't be a woman, you don't have a womb!" - feminism should have withered up and died then and there!

Equality doesn't mean shit, it's a buzzword - like all the buzzwords and crapola in advertising. Apples, oranges, and melons are not equal. Stating that they are (or even that they should be) is disingenuous and lunatic in the extreme.

Similarly, stating that everyone is the same is disingenuous and lunatic in the extreme. Everybody has their own strengths - trying to develop something that you're just not good at, for whatever reason, is wasting your time and the time of others.

Example: Don't try to be a physicist when you have a 110 IQ, it's simply not your strong suit. You might be a whiz at fixing a car though! Don't try professional surfing if you have no balance, do enjoy yourself when playing jazz.

Equality is not equal. It is a dumbing-down, a cutting back, a deliberate stultifying of those who can do, so that those who can't do don't "feel bad" about their inadequacies. Inadequacies that are only in the mind of the PC motherfuckers - are these twats really fucking trying to MAKE people feel bad?

Fuck that shit. If I'm interested enough to feel bad about my inadequacies, I'll fucking work on improving myself. I'm not going to let someone else say "no you shouldn't do that" to me.

Do not fucking try to tell me how to think. Do not try to tell me how to talk. Do not try to drag me down into your bland and mediocre world, when the one that I'm building and living in is fantastic.

Neither should you let them try this shit on you.

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