Saturday 14 September 2013

Important MAN Books To Read

Alright, I've taken these from the following site: No Ma'am

They are converted into e-books for your convenience. I'm not charging for them. The guy who wrote the things basically said "Don't be so fucking polite, just use the shit." and I'm taking him at his word.

Lets be blunt, I don't want these to be lost if I can help it. I think a lot of other guys feel the same, though the women probably wouldn't think so (they're so misogynistic! baaaaa baaaaa mew mew meow meeeeeoooow!).

So, here's the books (so far, more may be added as I get time to convert 'em):

The Book of Bonecrker
The Book of Pook - includes Womanese
The Philosophy Of Men Going Their Own Way

Lets hope his site doesn't go down. If it does though - I still have these damn books, and so do you. Pass them on to whoever needs them!

Update: Just added The Book of Bonecrker to the list. The Book of Pook to come. Cheers!

Update: Another worth reading.

Anti-Sexism for Idiots

Update: Just added The Book of Pook to the list. You're welcome!

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