Friday 8 April 2022

Hate Speech - Coming To A New Zealand Near You

This is old news - a year ago Adern and co of Das Guberment started making burbling sounds about introducing Hate Speech laws.

Hah. We know where that goes. For current background of NZ laws:

Is there freedom of speech in New Zealand?

In particular, freedom of expression is preserved in section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (BORA) which states that: "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form".

Which by flat-out definition means that those pricks in Google who decided that this channel was hate speech and thus devoiced it, and me, broke New Zealand laws. Of course, good luck - those leftist opinion-shapers are above the law, as well as being outside of NZ jurisdiction anyways.

Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the fucking rules.

Then very conveniently, the Delta - and Omicron - variations of Covid broke out here and all of that 'question' and 'debate' suddenly was swept under the carpet. Like many other "inconvenient truths" do, when a convenient excuse appears.

I can currently say "so and so's particular family of fucktards - who happen to be Maori - are known by the local police as being responsible for 90% of local breaking-and-entering crime, including doing such things on my property". The local police are helpless to do anything about it, beyond giving them "a visit and a good talking to". Which of course said family of fucktards just look all serious when the police show up, and laugh their asses off afterwards and continue on their merry robbing way. Getting them on camera means zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

Because it's "politically incorrect" to and "doesn't follow Das Guberment's approved narrative" to "discriminate" against said family. They're Maori! The fact that they're known criminal scumbags is conveniently swept under the table.

Remember. There's The Law. And there's the law of the jungle.

So it's quite easy to casually pile up some rotten timbers which just so happen to have rusty nails pointing accidentally upwards, right behind the fence. And some leftover wire as well to make things a bit harder for anyone who gets stuck in that mess.

"They came over the fence? What the fuck? I wasn't expecting that. See, that area behind the fence is a bit of a junk-heap Officer. Always has been, is why I threw that rotting junk there after tearing down the old fence and building that new fence. I wasn't expecting some idiot to climb the thing and go face-first into all that busted-up stuff and discarded wire."

Yeah, fucking right.

These pricks won't protect you? You have to accidental-like protect yourself. And your family. And your stuff. Even though your taxes are a bribe to keep these scum from getting really desperate, they still go their merry little way and GTFO you law-abiding citizens.


On a lighter note, last night's fire was very nice. The first one of Autumn here - I can feel the bite in the air. Given a certain volcanic bang over Tonga ways, I'm not surprised at that bite.

So the Northern Hemisphere won't be feeling the results of all the Sulphur Dioxide that came from that - most of it stays in the Southern Hemisphere (and the Tropics). That's the way these things go, Northern and Southern parts of the globe essentially have an insulating barrier between them. A good thing that it was underwater too.

Even so, a lot of that shit went into the atmosphere. The scientists reckon between 53-58 teragrams.

Being a nasty, suspicious, paranoid bastard - I ask why the scientists used the word "teragrams". Because it has the word "grams" in it, and therefore doesn't seem that big after all?

To translate:

* 1 teragram = 1 billion kilograms

* 1 billion kilograms = 1 million tons (should I say 1 megaton? hah)

Or at least 50 million tons of sulphur dioxide garbage which turns into atmospheric sulphuric acid droplets, which reflect sunlight away. Right up high in the stratosphere, where it doesn't get cleared away that easily. (There's another 0.4 teragrams aka 0.4 million tons of volcanic ash also, though nobody's really reporting on that.)

To give perspective, normally world sources (human and volcanic) threw about 40 million tons of sulphur dioxide crap into the atmosphere across the entire globe, in a year (as of 2019). About 2/3rds of that is human-made.

For more info, a big chunk of it was from the shipping industry. They've been using nasty high-sulphur fuels for decades, until back in 2020 they got told to cut back on that. Which means less cooling chemicals in the air - yay for global warming. (Oh wait. I mean "climate change". The term "global warming" is no longer politically correct.) At any rate it's probably a lot less than 40 million tons now, maybe as low as 30 million tons globally.

Except that "global warming" just got a massive kick in the nuts in the form of 50 megatons of crap shoved straight into the Southern Hemisphere. Which has essentially so little industrialized stuff down here in this hemisphere that we probably only account for 10 million tons of the worldwide crap, total.

We just got 5x as much dumped on us in one burst.

Yeah we're going to feel cold for a few years to come. You Northern Hemisphere types won't be feeling it so much. Due to weather patterns most of it will stay down here.

So yes - I'm glad of that fire. It's feeling cold, and it's going to get colder (and wetter) down here in NZ.

Man-made climate change, pfui. While big in aggregate, and while keeping a sober eye on what we do dump out, it's still nothing in comparison to what Nature can and will do in an eyeblink.

Stay warm, brothers.

Black Poison Soul


  1. Fuck! HOW many megatons? Add on that my intel sez we're headed to a potential nukular exchange (tactical to start) over the Kraine, man, this lil mudball we live in might get a wee bit chilly quick-quick Aye? That'd (depending on tonnage kilo or mega, and style Airburst or Ground burst) definitely 'throw a chill' on the Northern Climes, and we can all freeze together. Ugh. Got Finlandia? (or in your case Gran Marnier) Cheers Mate!

    1. Yeah I've been waiting for it to turn nuclear up there. Though only a sneaking suspicion on my part.

  2. And Las Vegas Terminated Supressor “Reform” here in the states.
    Funny how that works huh. It’s like a Formula.