Monday 11 June 2018

Nothing To Do With Law

Over on /r/MGTOW a man runs across a pro-MGTOW woman and analyzes her:
I was browsing YouTube when I stumbled across a pro-MGTOW woman. There are plenty of them all over the place and they present a very persuasive argument, which is that they understand MGTOW, they agree with MGTOW, and they want to work with MGTOW to change the laws to return society back to the old days when men and women got along. However, this is is just the MRA or tradcon argument repackaged and marketed to MGTOWs in an attempt to bring us back to the plantation.
It is true that unfair marriage laws are a problem, but the laws are the way they are because of female nature. Marriage is a social mechanism designed to transfer wealth from men to women. Females are naturally hypergamous. Women are programmed to extract wealth from men, which is why men who are with women will always be worse off because they will have their resources siphoned off from them.
MRAs and tradcons don't help. They don't offer a system whereby men's resources are not leeched away from them. Rather, the system they propose only leads to a more orderly extraction of wealth from men. Rather than men have their wealth suddenly ripped away from them through divorce rape, the tradcons would have you have your wealth slowly but consistently extracted from you in order to fund her luxurious housewife lifestyle and childrearing hobby.
If you value freedom, MGTOW is the only solution.
As he quite rightly points out, this is the old bait-and-switch like the so-called Red Pill Women bullshit. Stay away from the plantation.

As he quite rightly points out, the laws are the way they are because of female nature. As in, they were agitated for and finally granted (throwing the bitch a bone to shut her up) in the past.

In my opinion he does slip a little, when he states that "marriage is a social mechanism designed to transfer wealth from men to women". While true, this applies to modern marriage - the older version protected the husband (as the main breadwinner) and children from the abuses of modern marriage and the less-pleasant forms of women.

He is in my opinion 100% correct about the MRA/Tradcon "proposed system". It's just a "nicer" means that they propose, rather than the full-on band-aid-rip of frivorce followed by constant blood-donations of cash on an ongoing basis. (At least they're trying, even though I personally think that they're a bit crackers. Asking the slavemasters to please be "nicer" about using the whip...sheesh.)

I think sometimes that we men miss something that's not exactly obvious. It's not actually about the damn laws.

It's about the vile mentality that lays behind those laws, encouraging discontented wimminz to go for the fuckin' throat.

That this happens displays a hateful mentality on the whole. As I think that I've said before, a mentality of using others as though they are nothing more than objects. A machine. Run it at redline, 110%, with minimal to no maintenance - because you can, it's just a bloody machine.

Who cares when it breaks down, just get another.

Which I believe that I've also mentioned before, where the Enterprise is running at Warp Factor 11 all the time and Scotty is sitting on a chair in the engine room, spitting on the engines to cool them down and looking around gloomily as he waits for the next damn thing to break.

As I said back when, too: when you're running the business at 110% and they suddenly need another 10% because of an emergency, and someone has a breakdown and another has a heart-attack and another quits because they've had fuckin' the business gracefully goes over the edge and spirals down the drain, and the domino effect takes another down with it, and another, and another, and another...

Every MGTOW is a business that has stepped away from the edge, has slowed down to a sustainable state, and is coasting along doing well. Every man frivorced and thrown outta his home is a business that's gone over the edge and down, down, down with a huge slurping sound...the sound of his pocket being emptied for the next however-many years.

The laws? Yeah, they're bad. They're not the real problem, though.

It's the sick, demented, hateful mentality which applies those laws to the fullest which is the true problem.

Red Pill Women, pro-MGTOW women, rabbiting on about altering "the system". They're so goddamn blind.

Fuck the system.

They're not addressing the vile mentality which created and uses the system to its' advantage.

Sort that sickness, that mental/emotional disease, out - and it will have nothing to do with law. The laws would mean nothing. In that situation of mental/emotional health the women and society would not apply those laws. Because it would be unthinkable to apply them in the way that they are being applied at this time.

Unthinkable. As if someone were committing rape, pedophilia, or murder out in the open streets for all to watch.

Will that state of mental/emotional health be addressed? When 1 in 4 women are currently on antidepressants and similar? When it's easier for the health system to just throw another antidepressant at the person who is having difficulty? When they're subsidized by Government and Big Pharma to keep doing so?

When the bread and circuses and getting your nose into the Government trough are more important than having a place where your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren can live happily to a ripe old age?

With that rather bleak look through Crap Colored Glasses™, I'm going to have a small glass of Grand Marnier and enjoy my fire. Cold winter nights have some good moments. Good luck my brothers, and always go your own way.


  1. > Run it at redline, 110%, with minimal to no maintenance - because you can, it's just a bloody machine.

    Women seem to believe that men are magic, that a man is an infinite fountain of money and resources, and that the sole reason a man does not give a woman everything her little heart desires is that he is being mean.

    1. But he is mean! Mean-spirited, small-souled, and...and...and...just a meanie! (frickin' spoiled little children)

  2. We men need to start a #WheresMyDowry movement. Make it big enough to scare the shit out of these resource-less women who bring nothing to a marriage but demands.

    Of course the backfire could be that if a woman were to bring a dowry her demands would be even more endless and shitty because she bought them.

    On second thought maybe it's not such a good idea.

    1. Yeah, you might be looking at 10x the demands and pain-in-the ass-ism there.