Sunday 17 June 2018

Beauty Is Still Out There

Yes, it's still beautiful out there. Which opinion might be surprising, considering my overall dim view of humanity and society as a whole.

There are some interesting parts of America, both nature and cities. Mostly nature, IMO.

So I've been through part of America on my little adventure-tour thing. I've come back with nine metric fucktons of photographs - of course, most of them are very similar to each other. So I can share a little, ones that I will segregate and that'll never show up anywhere else.

Settle, enjoy, and go out to see your own. After all, you live a shitload closer than I do, aye! You should be able to right-click and open image, to get a bigger version.
Carlsbad Caverns, Sunrise
Carlsbad Caverns, Dawn

Watering Hole


Meteor Crater

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Desert Watchtower, Grand Canyon
Yes, I've been to other places too. Museums. These are just a small sample of what I saw.

There are people out there who build, too. Not the wannabe dudebro's. The older, more established people and their wives. Good, salt of the earth types. (They give me hope that not everything is hell.)

And I hope that a certain ex-military person does write that book, as we talked about. The stories he told had me in stitches. Fuck me, my ribs ached for a couple of days after that.

Cheers and go explore. There are at least some people who actually know how to build and conserve what is beautiful and good - even if the rest of Western society (and the Third World) has almost zero to zero clue.


  1. Getting worried mate... Where you at? Emailed you and ain't heard squat... I am writing again BTW... Need you to assist... Cheers! BCE

  2. OK Bro... Where the fuck are you?

  3. Okay, I am here man =) Just busy as shit. Checking email now.