Thursday 28 December 2017

The Leech

Ah, the leech! Men get bitten by her every day - willingly!

"Can you help me with this...?"

"Would you do me a favor...?"

"I just wondered if you would...?"

And the general pussified man's reaction is:

"Sure! (Maybe I'll get laid!)"

Fuckin' laughable, these maggots.

You maggots wanna get laid? Two hundred bucks, I fucking guarantee that you'll get laid.

With a bit more skilled pussy than that cunt.

One that's almost certainly better-looking.

With less chance of STDs, too.

The worst part though, is when some self-entitled cunt pulls this at work.

Once? Yeah, okay. Just so that the business keeps going. Once.

Twice? Maaaaybe. If you're feeling in a really good mood. (No, you're not going to get to fuck her, you pathetic maggot you. Also remember: don't shit where you eat.)

Three-four-more times? Fuck no. Especially if it's every fucking day - FUCK NO!!!

This is where you should have been a little more proactive. By this point you should have been saying stuff like: "Sorry. Something really urgent has come up."

Cunt doesn't need to know that the something really urgent is actually: "I'm not doing your fucking shit job for you in addition to my own. Fuck off." Or that you'd prefer to pick your nose (getting the nasal cavities really clean is extremely fucking important). Or go have a dump (a massive bowel movement is of more importance and pleasure than her pathetic helplessness or whatever fucking excuse she's dreamed up this time).

Just about anything is better than doing her fucking job for her.

To really nip this shit in the bud though, you need to go to management and tell them what's happening. Then say: "Once? Oookay. Twice? Hmmmmm.... But three, four, five times? Something's wrong, you need to look into this."

'Cause if you don't nip that shit in the bud, what's going to happen is that you're going to be doing that cunts' work for her while she's: bitching to her co-workers/bitching about her co-workers/bitching about her frenemies/bitching about her boyfriend/making plans for tonight/making plans for her holidays/making plans for whatever. On top of that: painting her nails/messing with her hair/putting on makeup/sexting her latest Chad.

(What, you thought you were going to nail that pussy? Wake up you pathetic fucking maggot.)

A lot of pathetic maggots will let it get to this stage. Heh. They're fucked. They try to unfuck it, cue screaming shit-fits as that entitled cunt causes massive problems.

Because by now, it is very firmly entrenched in that entitled cunts' head that she can call *anyone* to give her a hand. Cue whining to HR that "this has become a hostile environment" and "I no longer feel safe with so-and-so" and "he's become toxic" and etc. Good luck with that sixteen tons of shit!

Or you can start right from the fucking beginning. Don't let the leech get her fucking teeth into you at all.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™ and a talk with an idiot pussy acquaintance who let this happen to him recently. Fucktard. (Full of lame excuses too. Fuck I hate that! Why do these pathetic maggots have a million lame excuses for their maggotness?)


  1. " Why do these pathetic maggots have a million lame excuses for their maggotness?) "

    Cucks gonna cuck.

  2. that and being a thirsty simp because the scarcity of attractive females is real.

  3. Eduardo the Magnificent29 December 2017 at 14:46

    Earlier this year, we had a management swap. Some cunt who gamed the system was put in charge of a department full of men who actually do things. Physical labor, of which previous managers (read: men) helped out (but of course she never lifts a finger). Technically, I was under her supervision, but in a different area, and previous managers left me alone to do my thing. I had enough on my plate and certainly didn't need any distractions and leaving me alone was one less headache, made easier by the fact I don't need babysitting.

    The second I catch wind that she's the new manager, I tell anyone who will listen: "watch, she'll have me doing ___ job in two weeks." I missed it by three days. A couple guys call in one morning, and she demands, not asks, that I pitch in. Flat out told her no, which earned me a conference with several other higher ups. I looked them in the eye and told them "I'm nipping this in the bud now, or effectively I'll be doing half their jobs and half mine. And you'll either have to hire staff to fill my production or fire me for substandard work." You could have heard a pin drop. They babbled on about “pitching in” but I told them it was bad business to make me undercut my primary job to do something they could get a teenager to do for peanuts.

    She caved, but she was pissed. I don't give a damn. Her problems are her problems. Leave me the fuck alone and I'll actually make your life easier, you dumb cunt. But she was too busy playing Mrs. Bossypants to care about how an actual team functions. Fuck her. So far I'm the only one that's stood up to her, and I'm the only one she leaves alone and who isn't miserable.

    1. Pre-friggin-cisely! Mz Bossypants needed that cunt-punt, glad to hear there are still people out there who do this.

  4. Clucks are gonna cluck - as in chick-chick-chick-chicken! Frigging sad how low we've fallen in the past generation.