Sunday 26 February 2017

Keep Sockin' It To 'Em

Something that's so true: The USA Is The World's Bitch

I absolutely have to love the image of teh wimminz slutz hanging out for that strange cock (note that these are German slutz):
Yes girlz, welcome your new fuckboyz on your back with legs parted! Buncha traitors to your parents and grandparents, who built the civilization that you love to hate and spit upon.

Buncha worthless parasites.

Keep on hitting them, Aaron. A wonderful job.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent28 February 2017 at 18:29

    A BPS sighting! Welcome back.

    Women have always been traitors. They obey the tingles and nothing else. Hence, a patriarchy to keep them in line. The fact they desire the immigrants shows how much western men have failed. It's more a reflection of us than it is of them. Kick some immigrant ass and the women will fall back in line.

  2. Those bitches spelled it wrong. The correct spelling is #Rapefugees

  3. @Eduardo the Magnificent danke. And yes to always being traitors - this is how they have survived, being compliant to their conquerers. Now that they have sucked the manhood out of their own men, they crave a new set of conquerers and invite them in.

    As I've written before, there is no reflection there. I could include contemplation and deeper thought, as well.

    @Omega Supreme yep. Plausible deniability though. Always got to have that plausible deniability.

    Here's an old music video by Chris Isaak - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing. Even back when they displayed the true nature of women, it was always there to learn from if we looked and thought about it.

    1. Note the weird cuck vibe in the video. Meh. Is why I've not been much of a fan of Chris Isaak.