Monday 14 November 2016

Reality Pushes Back

Part #1 - before The Trumpening:

So I know this older and quite fat woman, she's gotten fired (along with a bunch of others). Worked as an analyst and actuarial at a bank here in New Zealand (note that 90% of NZ banks are ultimately owned by Australian banks).

She's having a whine about how awful it has been for everyone, how her boss collapsed, how her team has been split up randomly amongst other "bosses" who have no idea what they do or how to use them effectively, etc etc etc.

Final whine was about she doesn't know why she's been fired, the company used to win awards for their diversity...

Basically she got fired because she was costing the company too damn much for not enough return. And she thought that it was unfair because of VAGINA. Hah! Reality's a bitch innit.

Part #2 - after The Trumpening:

It's a couple of weeks on, she's resigned herself to reality (and a big fat bonus + severance check - note that it was still cheaper to fire her ass and pay her a year of "shut-your-cake-hole" money than to keep her hired).

She's now walking daily and has lost a couple of kilograms.

Trump got in though. Whinge...whine...bitch...creeb...typical leftist fucking drivel, which I for one am utterly sick of hearing. It's not even humorous any more, just a sign that the person desperately needs a double-tapping to the head. Some people are just incapable of shutting up and not driving you crazy.

Me: Trump won't press the button. He can't. Senate and House will stop any overt lunacies, the Generals would disobey, etc etc etc.

Her: (utter silence)

Even retards fucking get it eventually.

Especially note the walking. For someone quite a few kilograms overweight, she's suddenly gotten onto a fitness kick. Why?

Might it be because she's no bloody use when she doesn't bring in money? Plus she's basically unemployable? Add to that being a whining fat bitch who doesn't sleep in the same room with hubby because "he snores"?

So she has decided to sweeten the deal with hubby by getting thinner - because being married to a bitching whiner is easier if she's skinny and fuckable.

I'm picking that soonish, she'll be moving back into hubby's bed instead of sleeping separately.

Speaking of fat chicks (no more fat chicks! - this PSA brought to you courtesy of Black Poison Soul). You cannot shame a fat chick if you want to remain employed. Here is the effects of this principle:

If a man is fat and overweight - even just moderately - the doctors are on his ass 110% giving him shit about changing his lifestyle and habits for his own good and health and etc.

Fat chicks? Enormous fucking silence. Not one peep to women about how they should change their lifestyle and habits for their own good and health and etc.

Such is the socially-diseased power of fat bitches in society. (Warning: do not fuck, can lead to unwanted pregnancies and a painful life! - this PSA brought to you courtesy of Black Poison Soul.)

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