Thursday 13 October 2016

Check Your Privilege

No, not your male privilege. Shut your mouths, you feminazi hoes - unless you want a dick in it. Then get down on your knees, we'll oblige.

Your fuckin' urban privilege, you white university educated bitch.

Over on Cracked there is a two-page article about How Half Of America Lost Its Fucking Mind. It explains the whole Donald Trump phenomenon, referencing and explaining the tropes behind movies, and lays it out like shit on a shingle.

It's actually quite fuckin' awesome.

Which leads to a question, for all those feminazi cunts out there.

If Donald Trump is a rapist to be reviled and all that sorta shit...

...who the fuck bought 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Shit?

(Yeah I know, thought I'd run outta stuff to say for the moment. Who'd'a fuckin' thought.)

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