Friday, 19 February 2016

Skinning the Morons Alive

Didact of Didact's Reach comes up with a beautiful example of how to absolutely flay any feminist, leftist, herdist, marxist, socialist moron that you should happen to run across - in 1 minute or less:
  • In the entire history of the division of Berlin, precisely how many people went from West Germany into East Germany?
  • Since the Castro revolution, how many boats were seen going from Miami to Havana?
  • Since the Panmunjom Armistice Agreement that ended the Korean War, how many South Koreans have fled into the North?
  • How many people do you know of that went from Vietnam into Cambodia during the height of the Khmer Rouge regime, instead of the other way around?
  • During the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, how many people relocated permanently from Taiwan to mainland China, instead of the other way?
No matter where you look, the answer is always the same: the workers living in those supposed socialist "paradises" were so in love with their new Utopias that they desperately fled them at the earliest possible opportunity. And that is because socialism simply does not work.
I think that he missed asking only one question:
  • During the time of Communist/Socialist-controlled Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, and China. Why weren't the Western academics that were touting the joys of communism and socialism and the like rushing over in droves to defect to these countries? According to them these places are/were paradise - why did they pass up their opportunity for a blissful life of joy in paradise on Earth?
Just to slam the final nail into the coffin of these lying pieces of shit.

He also dissects the mindset of the Millennial Generation. Sadly, I have to agree with him: many of them appear to be the most brainwashed consumerist generation ever, while at the same time loathing the capitalistic system that creates the devices and entertainments and programs that they lap up with unthinking semi-joy.

The doublethink is strong in the entire generation.

I am tempted to refer to them as "The Damned Generation" - because they must be the most self-helpless of them all. I'm not sure if I (or anyone) should gift them with any pity though. A good number of them would simply use it to attempt the victim game with redoubled frenzy. Leavened with extra hatred aimed at us, because they cannot face the self-loathing within.

It's always easier to blame someone else for your own situation and self-inflicted problems.

A bitter schadenfreude to wash down with my Grand Marnier tonight.


  1. Ah, but they have a prepared answer:

    One or two lunatics *did* go the wrong way in each case. And some western intellectuals (not just Kim Philby, lol) did go to the Soviet Union to stay. And one is the same as a million to a pathological liar: "I'm just saying people went both ways, maaan!"

    These people believe that if there's *one* competent female scientist, that means all women are competent scientists. Same principle applies.

    And of course it's not REAL communism if it actually exists, so it doesn't count. And the only reason they're poor is that the USA didn't do business with them (unlike the rest of the third world, who are poor because the USA *did* do business with them).

    But you never know -- some of them are young enough to reach and smart enough to process what you tell them, even the penny won't drop for a while. I was, once. It's always worth a shot.

  2. Communism, leftism & socialism, is jewish supremacist facism

    They promote victimhood & victim politics, because the ultimate victim are jewish organisations

    They promote parasitic social structures, because jewish religion & culture are all about being parasites in whatever country they infest

    Supremacist movements are totally acceptable, if you're the correct race & correct gender, ie feminism female supremacist movement

    Supremacy movements love governments run by petty bureaucrats & bureaucracy, instead of real meritocracy & wealth. Dont need to compete, just bribe their greasy palms & watch the politicians grovel, put constraints such as racism & sexism & watch how fast the average snivelling maggot licks your boots ...