Saturday 19 December 2015


I once harbored the delusional belief that I would meet "the right people" in bars.

The Manosphere is rife with the same belief, in their search for genuinely high quality women in bars.

It took me about 3 months to realize that something was very wrong with my belief. I kept checking it out though. In 6 months I was getting pretty sure that my idea of finding a woman there was crap. In 9 months the delusion was pretty-much gone, and finally - after about 12 months - it was entirely wiped away.

Then I was directed into the Manosphere.

There I found that everybody still holds that delusion. At least, in the PUA arena - in which young and good-looking = high quality.

Now, I thought I'd end up going down the PUA track. Hell, I even tried, and had some success with it.

But I just couldn't get past the insanity.

I couldn't delude myself any more.

I couldn't get past the smell of shit - the rotten attitude - no matter how young and good-looking the girl.

Do I bother too much now?

The girl I'm currently with is no stunner. In fact, I tend to avoid stunners like the plague. Can't get past the smell of shit. Absolutely will not tolerate it.

My way or the highway. You smell of shit, you don't even make it to the "my way" and go straight to the "highway".

Heading in to Christmas time. Uncharitable thoughts.

My current girl knows the my way/highway. She pushes, in minor ways, occasionally. She knows, one middling or major slip-up and she's done. Without remorse.

It's been getting on to a year. A very stressful one for me.

She's making the bid for something more.

I'm not getting married again.

"I love you." At least she didn't trot that out too soon.

I find myself not that enthused.


  1. I think the bar focus is more because it's the only environment where women will act on relatively immediate attraction. Otherwise you're in a long game joining groups, going online, while the woman you're interested in is fucking someone else.

    What's the alternative for meeting?

    1. Alcohol, freeing up the inhibitions. Ditto in the drug scene.

      Groups, going online...not the solution. The groups are dating pools, like the bars. Online goes the way of GamerGate.

      If you wanted her, your only real option was back in your youth. Your highschool sweetheart. Marry that one and be done.

      Not an option for the modern young men. College slores, slut-whores, putting it out immediately to the sexy good-time-guys and making the more long-term guys wait. Insanity.

      If you're hell-bent on it, all I can say is: don't try. If she likes you, she will go to the ends of the earth chasing your ass.

  2. The paint-by-numbers production line dopamine addicts of the manosphere have a lot to fvckin answer for IMO.

  3. I think I have met one women in a bar my entire life. Never went anywhere, but we are still friends.