Saturday 10 October 2015

Symptoms of Social Decline

So, a couple days ago I'm walking into the local Countdown (a grocery store in NZ). Just your standard shopping-trip. What do I see walking in front of me?

Pleasingly slim shape. Decent clothing. Hair with the "just washed" look that is either gaining traction again or I dunno fuckin' what - maybe she was just being a slob and had just washed it.


Instant thought: "Skank."

Yeah, you definitely want to put a ring on that slob.

During the past winter: people letting their kids run around barefoot. Rain, crap on the ground, never mind kid - go running around barefoot.

Go walking into the grocery store in your onesies. Dressing gown with slippers and shit. The "people of Wal-Mart" theme got nothing on these fuckers - unbe-fucking-lievable. Unbelievable. Whole family wandering in. Sloppy as fuck every one.

Yeah, you definitely want to put a ring on that slob.

Speaking of putting a ring on it, I have written before about various dancers. In particular one who:

* on at least two occasions tried the "I got pregnant and miscarried and it's all his fault" theme
* put spyware on her boyfriend's phone
* got a restraining order against him for "beating her up"
* who later confessed to all her friends that she had been lying
* who still got full support from her friends

Some desperate fuckwit put a ring on that. Seriously, a big ole diamond ring, probably worth a good ten grand. She's been flashing it around everywhere, out on an expensive wedding trip overseas, flash-flash-flashflashflash. Livin' the dream of livin' life large.

Fuck you are desperate mate. Heheh.

So much shit in this world. So much fuckin' stupidity. While the zombies go walkin' around, unaware of the idiocy goin' on around them and in their heads.
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  1. The most recent article at Uncabob's is right on the money, isn't it?

  2. So F. Roger Devlin is still around, excellent! Yes, that's right on the money.

    4 years to fall "out of love" aka fall out of lust/infatuation

    3 years more to really get distant and upset and not know why

    Equals -

    7 year itch

    1. "A problem with no name", in other words. :)

    2. Precisely.

      For the average spoiled rotten womyn (99+% of them) it then becomes someone else's fault. Probably that evil, scumbag, filthy, rotten man. Burn him! Burn him! LOL!