Wednesday 28 October 2015

A Twisted Entitlement

Russia. Russia, Russia, Russia!!!

I've always been had a great deal of skepticism regarding the so-called high-quality of Russian women. I never really explained why in depth, and I won't. I'll just provide a few glimpses from my perspective here in New Zealand:

* a pair of young Czechoslovakian girls over on a "foreign exchange program" (you can guess what they were exchanging - as a twosome)
* a Russian slut in a bar who sent up a shitload of red flags that set aaaaall the alarm-bells ringing
* a friend whose second wife was a Russian slut who took him to the cleaners
* the above friend is currently on his third wife/second Russian slut, who is sucking the life outta him (and I don't mean via his dick - it didn't take her long to get started)

In timely fashion, Didact puts up a piece about a few facts that were missing from an article on RoK. (Okay it was almost a month ago. It's taken a while for me to get around to completing this post. What the hell.)

Many times I have mentioned a video about Western men looking for girls in the Ukraine (hello Roosh, you sure know what process you started there - the quicker sluttification of teh localz - be proud). The video is by Journeyman Pictures and is titled: The Desperate Western Men Hunting For Wives In Ukraine.

Here it is again, and it's now time to rip apart the obvious entitled mental processes of these entitled whores - welcome to Odessa:

The opening scene is in a bar. These are bar girls. To be more precise: many of these girls are the local sluts (women of "loose morals") looking for a husband who doesn't know what they're like. The economy is down the shitter, alcoholism is widespread, women outnumber men almost 5 to 4, and girls as young as 18 are signing up in their hundreds to "russian bride" websites in a desperate search for a husband aka slave.

Take me away from this place, this hellhole, rich western man. I will show off my sexy body to you, take lots of provocative poses, make you believe that you can have me, even actually give myself to you, only take me away from here.

One is a 27yo divorced mommy. Hmm. Interesting. She thinks that she can compete with her younger sisters, also desperate, while she has a rugrat in tow. She tells the story of the destruction of her marriage...she's already too old for the local men...oh dear. Poor little darling. Poor, poor, pitiful me...Lord have mercy can't you see...poor, poor, pitiful me...

Go ahead. Play that sympathy card to the camera for all it's worth.

One of the local men, talking about how hard it is to find a girlfriend. "They want everything, while at the same time, give nothing in return." My, my, where have we heard that before?

These internet sites also organize "romance tours". I will say it: sex tourism. Tell these lovely young things that you're looking for a wife, though of course you have to try the merchandise first...lo...she parts her legs for you. Who is desperate here? Check out the catalog, Russian-speaking tour reps will arrange dates for them. (Hold on tight, we're not 5 minutes into the video yet!)

I particularly like 65yo Arthur: "It's like purchasing a very nice, used Cadillac. It's nice, but it's used. I tell them I need to drive it before I make a decision about taking it home and putting it in my garage. If she was a virgin that'd be different, but I don't think they make them any more. So I need to test-drive 'em. And as I tell them, they need to test-drive me - I'm an old man and might not do the job for 'em."

What does this army of waiting women seek?
Woman: "I want to meet a handsome young man."
So long as he makes six figures - which he must, if he's spending $3,500 on a romance sex tour.
Woman: "I just want to use every opportunity I get to try and meet the right person."
Playin' the field.
Mother: "Men in Nikolaev like drinking too much. Beer flows like a river in Nikolaev. They like fighting and when they marry sometimes they hit their wives. That's why girls like foreigners because they are kind and attentive."
Daughter: "Well, I think that mum's right, but all the same...I don't know. I guess there are decent men in Nikolaev. But it is very difficult to find a boyfriend there because mum's right when she says there are more girls than men in Nikolaev. To be honest, I'm probably too young to really understand everything that's going on here."
Narrator: "Have you ever had a serious relationship?"
Daughter: "No."
Even so - I'll bet that she opened her legs to several men. Looking for a kind, gentle man...who she can be a parasite on.

Music too loud for conversation - go up and dance girls! Just look at that body...just look at that body...

And now, we get to the entitled bitch having a whine (at 25:10):
For me it was very unpleasant. Sitting down and a man walks past with a beer glass in his hands and examines all the girls. Standing opposite the table and examining each girl in turn. It's very unpleasant. It seems to me it's just bad manners. Or maybe it's because they see there are a lot of beautiful girls and that it's okay.
In actual fact it's not. It's not okay and it's very unpleasant. It seems to me that the majority came here not for a wife, but for sex tourism. It's obvious. Very poor city. They think we are all poor, so unhappy that we will agree to anything. But that's not the case.
I feel upset for our girls because, as I've already said, not the best men come. It's very upsetting when an intelligent, beautiful and independent girl cannot find a man here and has no alternative but to look for men at these kind of events.
Of course, there's a percentage that do find their man here, but it's a very small number.
How hard is it to dissect that lot? Seriously:

* she found it unpleasant = want some blue cheese to go with that whine?
* she figures it's for sex tourism = hello Captain Obvious!
* she figures the men are only there because it's a very poor city = yep, girls with real options don't even think about chasing foreign men
* not the best men come = likewise men with real options don't bother going there for a wife, just some nookie cookie
* intelligent, beautiful and independent girl = is there a reason why someone would want a foreign version of a western woman?
* there's a percentage that do find their men here = she's upset because she's not one of them

The twisted entitlement of the female mind - the same everywhere you go.

What more did you expect?


  1. I live in a part of New York (Brooklyn) called Brighton Beach. Almost 60%+ Russian for several neighborhoods.

    So I went to elementary middle and high schools with these girls. They have the same characteristics as other girls with the exception that there is a good stereotype surrounding them. Most I met did not in fact do "traditional" lifestyles. Most went out drinking and clubbing even in high school, a few bad ones in middle school.

    A lot then turned into facebook feminists while stile liking things like the firefighter calendar of half naked men.

  2. For some reason, I still get lonely Russian women e-mailing me in ages ranging from 28 - 35. I usually correspond with them long enough until she says, "Send me money via Western Union." Then I bail. It is surreal when these chicks tell me they love me and miss me, when I have never spent any time with them in person.

  3. Arc - of course, they're girls. I liked on Didact's post, where a Russian girl told him flat-out that they are mercenary/material and if you don't do that, she will go elsewhere.

    Anonymous - scammers. They come through everywhere.

    Which reminds me, I forgot to note it outright in the post: these Russian girls hardly speak English at all. Yes indeed, there's going to be a great deal of in-depth commonality there once they get to the West. Perhaps they should bring a translator with them.

  4. That's why girls like foreigners because they are kind and attentive.

    Now where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah from delusional yellow cabs pining for their rice chaser white knights.

    This is just indicative of the global shit test going with unchecked hypergamy and .... that AWALT.