Wednesday 8 July 2015

Men Still Doing The Work

This is gonna come across oddball. Bear with it.

As Men, we here in the manosphere are still doing all the work - of figuring out women.

Women put no effort in - they still float along serenely in their sweet little bubble of privileged life.

Which is still kind of interesting. To hell with teh wimminz, go do your own thing - and here we are, still trying to figure out these narcissistic little privileged twats. In a way, it's what we accuse some segments of the PUAs of doing: catering to the pussy.

Trying to figure her out, while she doesn't give a toss. Her only interest is how far she can twist and jack you around - just because she has a pussy and she knows she can do it. See how far she can push it.

I'm not absolutely certain of many of our (the manosphere's) motivations for this figuring out women thing. It's almost a flipside obsession, akin to the addiction (or brainwashing) that we have been subjected to all our lives.Obsessed with finding the truth about women. What makes them tick. Why they do the things they do. What behaviors are commonly exhibited. Why they might exhibit those behaviors.

She doesn't care. She learned early. I have the pussy, I have the power. There are - who knows? - maybe 99+% of men who unthinkingly agree.

Sometimes I am uncertain as to the ultimate purpose of some of us within the manosphere. Yes, some are just men looking to get laid. Some are men looking to make $$$. Some are men looking to be looked up at as "guru's". That sort of thing.

I think that a lot of teh wimminz come in here to see how far they can twist us around.

I do this to try and warn other men of the shit-storm they are walking into. Warn them to avoid certain types of behaviors and why they should avoid them.

I suspect that some men are still looking for their NAWALT.

It's interesting though. When you think about it. On a meta-level, we can say that this is all still revolving around the women, still revolving around the pussy. It all focuses on women. Still. As she twists our mental obsessions around her, even while we do our best to avoid her. In a way, still caught.

Let's say that you are hunting for the mysterious and elusive NAWALT. We learn all the danger signals so we can avoid the unsuitable women out there. If you're lucky, you might find your NAWALT.

Yet you - the man - have still put all the effort in to find her. She has likely been floating blissfully along on her cloud of privilege. Let's say you've found her. Then you have to woo her, convince her that you are the one worth having in her life.

You. Doing all the work. Still.


  1. Self-preservation is not necessarily an obsession.

    1. And, theoretically, what is more antithetical to life than giving up on reproduction? It's doable, but fully against one's instincts (and the societal push).

    2. For others observing it might be as incomprehensible as committing suicide (incoming shaming in 10, 9, 8,... LOL).

    3. 3...2...1...SHAMEBOMB!

      Not necessarily, true. Interesting though.

      Upon reaching a certain point how much more do we need to know? Once we get the base knowledge of: "she will do her level best to twist you around as much as possible and take it past all bounds of reason just to see if she can". How much more do we realistically need to know? The rest is all subtext and examples plus deconstructing her self-entitled mindset.

      I should probably make this into some form of post. Will think about it.

    4. I's say as much as necessary to prevent backsliding into 'bluepill' mindset. With a safe margin just to be sure.

    5. I'm truly done with them all. I have zero interest in any of them, and zero interest in what makes them tick.

  2. But I thought the whole point of finding a NAWALT is not having to work for it. If I have to work for a NAWALT, then the bitch ain't a NAWALT. She's an AWALT.