Wednesday 12 November 2014

Wednesday Lunchtime - Female Bad Judgement Edition

So I'm having lunch with some people. Casual talk, yadda yadda...

This girl up and says: "I dumped my fiance to go with the man I love. I'm so happy, and so are my children."

Some more casual conversation and it comes out:

  • girl has two kids to ex-fiance
  • girl and ex-fiance had been fighting for 1½ years
  • girl went over to Sydney (unhappy) with a group of friends (no fiance)
  • girl fell in love with friend on trip (and fucked him)
  • on return from Sydney, girl left fiance to be with (new) man she loves

This is an excellent example of extreeeemely poor judgement on a girl's part. Have two kidlets to a man who she's having fights with. Yeah.

I'm betting that ex-fiance is paying child-support.

Stupid bastard "true love" man bringing up another's child.

It was all I could do to not laugh my ass off.


  1. Hopefully the new man is smart enough to pump and dump that bitch. She sounds like a run of the mill NPD, HPD, BPD creature.

    1. As I understand it, he "loves" her. Color me cynical.

      Yes, she acts like the sun shines out her vagina.



  2. Women always complain about the abuse theyre attracted to

    Once the guy figures out how to stop giving a fuck about her shit tests, time to find another chump to be abused by ...

    Of course men who're sick of a womans shit & start to stand up against her bullshit, are always classed as abusive

    The massive mistake most men make is trying to get close to a woman

    Women cant stand the idea of men communicating intimately, this infuriates women, hence all the shit tests come out

    The second point is, men severely underestimate just how irrational women really are

    Women irrationally murder & abort their own children in the millions ... let that sink in ...

    The point is the women in this post're punishing the man for daring to try & stop being the abusive thug, while covering up the ice cold logic of screwing him over, with bullshit feminine mystique

    Skanks cant handle the idea of the thugs they fuck, mellowing after having kids, they cant stand the idea of men being human

    So they dump the guy for a guy who doesnt give a shit about the kids, a guy who has no idea of mellowing, or reminding her men are human beings