Wednesday 26 November 2014

The Eternal Paean Of The Entitled Feminist Twat

Her: Don't judge me, you can't handle half of what I've dealt with.
This is truth: I have no desire to be gangbanged by a football team or drowned in have her skin softened by jizz at a bukkake party. More cock! Of course she doesn't want to be judged. Someone who got her beginner n-count into the mid-double-figures in a single night when she was 18-19 is deathly afraid of being judged.
Her: There's a reason I do what I do, there's a reason I am what I am.
This is also truth: the reason is entitled cuntism masquerading as the so-called Feminine Mystique. Also dribbling double-standards used as an excuse to hide sluttiness and frothing insanity.

Science says that semen in a woman - whichever oriface - has a settling effect on her hormones. That it seems to trigger something in her own hormones. New semen also seems to make her itch or smell bad while her body adjusts to it: something that all men should keep a nose out for, along with her suddenly demanding the use of condoms (hint: another cock is in that pussy).
Imagine how unsettled modern women's hormones are with a different guy rawdogging her two or three nights a week. Or being rawdogged by a different guy every night of the week.
Yes indeed, it is eight miles wide. Further, every sensible man is extremely happy to put a ring on it - in the form of a bullseye around your asshole. Do you want me to tie you face-down and lube that up for you, or can you handle a dry corn-holing with no problems?

Oh, you've taken horse-cock up the ass? No problems babe, dry it is.

Enjoy the subtext of her being stronger and better than you ever can or will be.

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