Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Real Problem With The Manosphere

Something that has struck me recently, also dovetailing into the PUA is stupid thing: there is an unacknowledged elephant in the room when it comes to the Manosphere. Or more accurately, the thing is that we/they are in the wrong room entirely.

PUA has the effect of filtering out damaged women, yes. You end up jumping through hoops of some worthless woman's devising for the "maybe" chance of getting to fuck her. In the process dancing around like a monkey and taking a huge shit on your personal dignity. For doing this, you get to dump a load of semen into a borderline narcissistic lunatic.

Effectively the Manosphere is looking in the wrong places for their women. Bars, dives, nightclubs, strip joints, whorehouses - you are looking amongst long-term good-time girls for someone who wants to settle down (or deluding herself that way). These people are so set in their ways that they will never change. They will never settle down, incapable of being fully-content.

You simply damage yourself when you hook up with these types, becoming more vapid and shallow to match the women of your surroundings. This is why I don't generally attempt to pick up girls in bars: they're fucked up and it's contagious.

So, what type of women is predominantly in bars etc? Extroverts.

Now, introversion is strongly linked to intelligence (developed by evaluating and thinking about life). Similarly, extroversion is strongly linked to impulsiveness - which doesn't involve a whole lot of intelligence, since intelligence controls impulsiveness. This is why most, if not all, people in jail are lower-IQ impulsive extroverts.

So effectively the typical woman out on the town is an impulsive extrovert. Thus the prevalence of sluts and one-night-stands, etc. False rape claims are made by extroverts who regret their impulsive actions of the night before, yet are incapable of being responsible for these actions (which introverts are far better at accepting responsibility for anything).

But wait - these girls are high-IQ, they have degrees! No, they have worthless and simple degrees. They have education and intellect, which is not the same as having intelligence: the propensity to reflect upon the experiences of your life, integrate them, and modify your behaviours accordingly. Going further and thinking about the future rather than impulsively giving in to the moment.

So this is how we can see these highly intelligent yet stupid types everywhere.

Going back to PUA is stupid, the guys who are getting into PUA are training themselves to be the same as the women they associate with and try to fuck: they're training themselves to throw caution and prudence to the winds and act impulsively. They're so desperate for a fuck they're teaching themselves to be impulsive low-IQ extroverts.

Desperation, PUAs reek of it.

Instead of actively seeking out and associating with properly intelligent women, they're settling for the easily-found extroverted stupid types. Completely in the wrong room, guys.


  1. You know, sexing corporate femibitches up is as much dumb as cruising watering holes for a sniff of tang. Figure it out for yourself why is so.

    1. Oh well, the link is still getting truncated. Simply search for:
      PCOS "fetal programming"
      in Google Scholar. Interesting implications, I think.

    2. I've read about fetal programming - it's interesting that the stew of hormones can have profound effects on the baby.

      But then, they've said for decades not to smoke or drink or use drugs if you're pregnant. So it's not really that newsworthy. Simply add to the list: don't be a stressed-out fruitcake.

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  3. Funny how that works. Young men go out looking for promiscuous sluts and whores, then complain when they find one. Hey buddy, you found exactly what you were looking for; don't cry about it now.

    1. Yes indeed. The irony is thick enough to use as a hammer.