Tuesday 9 July 2013

Petty, Boring, Fat

Women get so bent out of shape about some stuff. Yet when you look at it, it's just petty. Not like its rape, murder, drug-dealing, or sex-trafficking. So why is she so bent out of shape over damn-all?

Betcha she isn't getting the sex that she really wants.

"I'm bored." Me too, sweetheart. I wonder why that is...let me see...

Oh, you're fat. No wonder you're bored. Because of all that blubber, all that you can do sexually and experimentally is perhaps four positions. Five if you count me being able to finger-fuck you and do variations of oral.

This is part of the reason I cannot stand fat girls. When you are fat and out of shape, you CANNOT have a great time experimenting sexually. Try doing: The Cross, Forbidden Fruit, The Screw, The Jockey, The Bodyguard, Viennese Oyster, or The Lotus with a fat girl. Impossible!

Think about the following for when your wife gets fat (which she will do, and mine did):

It's hard for her to open herself up for missionary position - the fat gets in the way and her legs just aren't that flexible. I don't mean just in the way of herself, the fat gets in the way of YOUR movements: it takes three times as much effort to move in the normal sexual manner. Grabbing hold of something that is squishy-stretchy, thrusting into something blubbery instead of firm, lack of freedom of motion, etc.

If she decides to ride on top, you've got an elephant crushing you down. Your movements are restricted, your breathing is restricted, your cock is restricted. In extreme cases she just has to move slightly wrong and your cock feels like its being twisted and torn sideways, or crushed flat. It's HARD to lift your pelvis up from underneath, or to give her that unexpected deep jolt to make her jump and squeal with surprise and delight.

If you want to fuck her face-down or in doggy or standing or against the wall, you're pushing down or forward into blubbery padding. Padding! You want to get deeply into her, SHE wants you to get deeply into her, but there's 3+ inches of blubber holding your cock away from her deepest parts. You'd need to be a 9" dude just to give her an AVERAGE fuck. It's far easier to give her anal.

Oral - well, the blubber gets in the way all right. Plus the possibility of direct suffocation. Your NOSE is buried and sealed away with that fat.

So there you are. A fat chick is just...disgusting...to fuck and you can't do that much with her. The sex becomes same-old-same-old and the boredom factor kicks in real quick. Even bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't lift and hold these fat fucks without a harness - preferably one hanging from a crane.

In addition to the above, a fat woman simply cannot do athletic things. Walking down the beach? Hiking? Climbing? Swimming properly? Dancing properly? Forget it, they're too fucking fat. This stuff tends to make them quietly miserable inside too - people NEED to be able to move properly and freely. Plus, the sex that they do manage to get...well...lets just say "sub-par", since your cock can't get deep enough into her.

Nobody really wants a fattie. They're just not FUN.

There you are fatso, its no wonder that you cannot find a man and/or you start to hate men. This is why you pour scorn on men for not embracing "bigger" women. You can't handle the fact that it is a consequence of your own poor choices (ie you eat too fucking much). I hope that you enjoyed your personally-tailored public service announcement.

Scathingly yours, BlackPoisonSoul

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