Monday 15 July 2013

Exposé of Poison

From the annals that is PostSecret I bring you:

What did we say about Nigella Lawson again? Charles Saatchi knows the score, and is quite happy to find his next trophy-fuck. There's probably a half-dozen in the wings already.

Ugh, another pussified man along the lines of anonymous flowers! Please, somebody slap him awake!

We all know that it'll happen more than once. That's okay, you're welcome to be his mistress.

Dodged that bullet myself. Cutters, crazy-creepy minds, ugh.

So you fucked up re Plan-A. How many times?

Be truthful, that wasn't God frowning. I take it that it was probably in the car - he got to see and take virgin paradise by the dashboard light.

So much poison to see, so much hilarity in this world.

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