Friday 5 April 2013

TGI Friday Jawfest

Every Friday I go out to lunch with some mates. The place varies and the number varies, depending on crazy work and suchlike, yet two of us are the base of the group: we are there religiously.

Topics range widely. Travel, houses, building, the economy, work, stock market, the fucking Pope, whatever. Also watching girls walking past - saw one today in fact, whose arse I recognised from behind. A beer, a gabfest -

- and inevitably, the locker room conversation, usually when there's no girls around.

So and so are fucking.

So and so have broken up, burned their bridges, and now trying to cross the scorched earth again.

So and so are not fucking, even though they've been going out for x months, because she wants him to sort his issues out first. Jesus fucking Christ dude, go fuck someone else then. Fucking pansy.

So and so wrecked their social lives by being a pair of nasty cunts.

So and so is no longer being invited out to things because she hangs out with so and so above. I told her why and that she's judged by the company she keeps. You could see the wheels turning in her head as she took it in and realised it.

You get the picture. Yes, girls - we men have our locker-room talk. Sometimes we'll even include you in it. If you're lucky, it's as a fascinated participant.

Today's Jawfest included bitching about the childish games that some women seem compelled to play.

This fucking shit was old in high-school. Here you are 30+ and still playing childish teenage fucking games. Some cunts just never did grow up, and too many stupid bastards let those cunts get away with that shit.

Retards. Both the girls who do it and the boys who let them get away with it.

Fucking grow a spine. Tell that cunt that you'd fuck her, 'cause she has a good hole, but she ain't worth putting any effort into.

She's replaceable. After all, there's a million out there just like her.

Still, these cunts never will learn. The pain just isn't high enough - until they're completely used up, wiped out, they've gone-and-wasted their fucking best selves on the cock-carousel of sexy men.

The most amusing thing?

Once they're fucked over beyond their use-by date, they suddenly realise what they've done to themselves. By then though, there's no hope for them.

Amusing to watch them die inside, day by day. You can see that poison spread.

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