Wednesday 13 March 2013

Babymoon Narcissism

On the front page of the travel section of the Herald (an NZ rag), some 8-months gone blond chickie laying in the sand with a big bulge showing, a big smile on her face, and a pair of baby shoes on the "bump" ("car tyre" would be more accurate). The title: "Babymoon" - "Making the most of your last holiday before parenthood".

The narcissism is astounding.

The PUBLIC CELEBRATION of narcissism is astounding.

The encouragement to waste your money on this narcissistic shit is astounding.

Okay, sex sells - 'cause that's all that guys want, fucking. We get it. It's even true, we'll fuck just about anything - so long as we can keep our gorge down.

Got some news for you chickies: a preggers woman isn't sexy to anyone but her hubby. So stop trying to sexualise her for every other man out there. It's disgusting.

Now, to the narcissism: we know that you girls are more self-centered than a fucking gyroscope. We get it. Woo Girls, expecting us to hand you shit without you earning it, fucking whatever. If you had gravity equal to your narcissistic self-absorption, you'd collapse into a black hole about the size of the one at the centre of our galaxy.

When a guy wakes up to this crap - the process is called "taking the Red Pill" in the Manosphere - this shit actually becomes really in-your-face. Exceptionally aggravating.


It's everywhere.

Guys, I cannot truthfully and in conscience advise you to take the Red Pill. It will ruin a lot of things in your life. Songs that you loved, you will hate. People saying things thoughtlessly, will grate. The entitled mentality of these cunts, them force-feeding it to you incessantly, will make your fists itch.

It does have a few compensations though. The biggest one being the ability to instantly smell the shit, to damn-near immediately pick up the stench, when someone tries to pull shit on you.

If you do decide to go down that road... can always dip your pen in the poison and turn it back on them...

...and have some fun with that.


  1. Rule 34 of the Internet. There is demand for any shit imaginable. With 7 billion people around, about half of it men, it would be strange not to be true.

    1. Truth indeed, though such fetishes are not generally displayed for all to see on the front page of a special advertising insert in a mainstream newspaper.

      This is of course ironic, given that the piece was designed so that women could mentally/emotionally put themselves into the "shoes" of the preggers girl on the page. Advertising thinly non-concealed as an article, using female narcissism as the hook for their target's money.