Thursday 21 March 2013

Are You A Man Or A Mat?

Following on from: Evisceration of a Woo-Girl, I decided that it was worthwhile eviscerating her boyfriend as well.

Let it begin.

Her age: 41 (ahuh, settling age).

His age: 45 (why you looking at older sluts, dude?)

She is a marathon runner, voice teacher, and piano teacher (those who can't, teach).

He is a high-end lawyer (like, y'know, a half-million a year income).

She moved in with him within 2 months, taking 15-year-old daughter with her.

They go out to bars, where she will do inappropriate things (like dancing on the table - typical Woo-Girl behaviour).

To date, 15-year-old daughter has "borrowed" his car twice, and crashed it twice (a high-end car, last time totally written off).

So, here we have an ageing Woo-Girl lucking into the man of her dreams. Who is so pussified that he thinks it is amazing that she is such a sexy exhibitionist. Who thinks its funny that former "boyfriends" call up for sex or hit on her. And who is so indulgent that her womb-turd-brat of a daughter can smash up a Ferrari with impunity.

Boy, talk about lapping up a woman's runny shit.

I wonder how he'd feel if he knew how many guys have pictures of her: legs, boobs, pussy (very pouty), ass, and videos of her masturbating and sucking cock and taking it deep (nice vids by the way). She still has a great body at her age, and she works hard to keep her cunt tight.

Somehow, I think that the black poison would kill him pretty quick.

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