Wednesday 13 February 2013

Yes All Women Are Like That

There is a saying amongst men: not all women are like that (abbreviated to NAWALT). Usually applied as a caveat to broadly-observed (usually bad) behaviour amongst many, many women.

I do not believe it.

Yes, all women are like that - if they could, absolutely, literally, get away with it Scott-free.

No consequences? No repercussions at all? No judgement at all? AND its intensely enjoyable?

Yes, all women are like that (YAWALT).

I know this, because in the depths of my black soul, I am honest enough to admit that I would do anything if there were literally no consequences and repercussions and judgements at all.

I look at women - including my mother - and see it all happening there. I am the same as you are. From the seeds of people like me - like us - are sociopaths and narcissists made.

Lord of the Flies (the book/movie). The psychology experiment by Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University, 1971 - it was supposed to last 14 days, it was abandoned after 6 days.

The ONLY thing that holds our worst sides in check is fear. Fear of consequences, fear of repercussions, fear of judgement. This is why it becomes easy for those with power to do as they please: they lose their fear.

Currently, society is losing its fear.

Women were first: thanks to the power of feminism they lost the fear of being judged sexually. The result is unrestrained sexuality with the "best" 20% of men while the remaining 80% are treated like dirt - until the woman decides that it is time to settle down with someone to provide for her in her old age. Often with another man's child in tow.

Men are second: they are now losing their fear of being judged as losers. They are cutting back on their lifestyle, settling for doing interesting and enjoyable things, rather than sweating their guts out in the "hope" that some woman will see his sterling qualities and choose to settle down with him and have a couple of children.

Because even the average man can now see that the women are simply not worth the effort. They've already been well-ravaged by other guys, have pushed out another guy's baby, and now expect the hard-working man to provide for her and the other guy's sprog and any more sproglets that she may push out. They may not be his, either.

Now that men are losing their fears, women are not happy about it. They expected to have their final prize and it has been taken away from them. So they attempt to shame men: You cannot handle a woman like me. Where have all the good men gone. You woman-hating bastard, man up! They cannot comprehend that there are still consequences for their behaviour, even though they were told that there weren't.

Tell you girls what: I'll bring home three random babies from my fucking other chicks and expect you to change their diapers, wipe their noses, feed them, bring them up, go to work full-time (and overtime) to bring in money to make ends meet - AND I'll refuse to fuck you. I will only fuck other chicks. Plus as an added bonus I'll whinge in your ear whenever I feel like it.

What do you mean, that doesn't sound like a good deal? You man-hating bitch, woman up!

Without fear: Yes. All. Women. Are. Like. That.


  1. This is dead on. The only women that are worth your time and money are strippers and hookers. The reason is because they are honest and will set a price for you. Any other woman will bleed you dry as much as they can and give little to nothing back. Go ahead and ask your girlfriend or wife why they would perform sexual acts with a one night stand or an F*buddy that they will not do with you. Most of the time they will say that your different because they are in love with you. The truth is that only half of that answer is honest, you are different to them. You are only their to provide for them and you are not hot like that other guy was. Trust me, she is thinking of him to put up with you banging her. Yes all women are like that.

  2. Correct, especially about the strippers and hookers: they are the ones you will have the most truthful interaction with. They do still have their delusions, of course.

    When it comes to women, the ones that you have to chase are the least-worthwhile. The ones who chase you, who don't play stupid little games, are the ones most into you. They make good fuck-buddies.