Wednesday 14 February 2018

Its A Trap!

You thought I was going to yack about Valenshits Day, didn't you?

Hahaha, nope! (Though that is a trap.)


Feminism is an extended infantile tantrum.

Bothering to respond with more than an amused laugh at these retards is falling into the trap. Akin to accepting the bait. Giving them the attention that these retarded children crave.

Academia sure as shit fell into that trap. Bizniz and Das Guberment also.

Of course, Das Guberment makes $$$ off catering to retards, so there's no real surprise there.

Positive or negative attention. Like good and bad advertising - it's still advertising. Spanking a crying child, good or bad attention, it's still attention. Better than nothing.

Feminism and feminists were nothings who were getting nothing. By whining, crying, and screaming - they get something. Some attention is better than none.

Yes, it's good to deconstruct it for the new kids on the block. Poor bastards, we all need it explaining to us to start with. We need that antidote to the brainwashing and lies, the shit-sandwich we were all fed as young'n's.

Getting all riled up over it is giving them more of the attention that they crave-crave-crave.

Why do you think that celebrities come out with stupidly uninformed opinions? Good or bad, it gives them the attention (narcissistic supply) that they crave.

Without that narcissistic supply they are a pathetic nothing.

This is why Jessica Valenti spouts off her horseshit, then goes around wearing a t-shirt that says: "I love male tears" aka I suck cock and swallow. It gives her a lot more of the attention/narcissistic supply that she craves. Without that attention, she wouldn't have anywhere near as much cock to suck and semen to swallow.

Without that acting out, that outspokenness, that spouting of uninformed and stupid drivel - these retards would be faced with their own worthlessness.

Thus: An extended infantile tantrum.
A related anecdote, from about 4 years ago, illustrating the above.

Back when, a fairly skinny vegan chick wanted to go out with me. (Vegans - they seem to be either very chubby or skinny as fuck. It's weird.)

Any rate, I said to her: "I eat meat. You have a problem with that, fuck off." (Because who the fuck wants to be earbashed by some dipshit fanatic. We get enough crap at work, take more shit from the girl we're fucking? Hell no!)

She got all broken up about that and we didn't end up going out/fucking. No problem, thank goodness, one less retard in my life. She finds herself another man in short order.

A few months later she turns up one night with the group - back when I used to go out on the town on the regular - she's got a puffy eye and lip. All the girls are billing and cooing over her, etc etc ad-fucking-nauseum. "That eeeeevil bastard man!" Apparently he's been tooling her up a bit from day dot.

Personal opinion: probably every time she opened her mouth.

I looked at the lot of them and said: "She had problems with me eating meat, yet no problems with getting her teeth punched out on the regular by him? Stupid bitch."

I collected a bunch of hate over that one HAH!

Narcissistic supply. Good or bad, it's better than nothing.

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the cost. Now I'm back to the beach, hopefully the rain stays away for a while.

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