Tuesday 14 November 2017

Made It - An Email From The Front Lines

I should check my emails a little more often than I do. It's been two-three months.

I am surprised and very pleased to see an email from a man who has made it through what I consider the Shit-Storm From Hell.

I'm going to keep some of what he said anonymous. This is for his protection. From the sounds of it, his ex was a really nasty piece of work. Perhaps nasty enough to run across something online after a few years, and use that as ammunition for another go at him. Some will try that shit. Even decades down the line.

Nope. Not giving her any help with that fucking option if I can help it.

Here is his email. Enjoy.
My handle is YYYYY aka "YYYYY"... I used to blog pretty heavily as YYYYY from Iraq.
At this point, he put in a link to his blog. From what he's written, he's been in Kuwait and Iraq as a contractor. What a shit-show. If you've seen the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, you get the general idea of what this man has been through (though not as a "secret" soldier - quite openly in the building and IT field).

From what I've read on his blog and reading between the lines (opsec stays opsec) that movie has probably been severely toned-down (as in "no fucker would believe the full truth of this shit, let's sanitize it a bunch").
All of it is a pile of shit now, but I wanted to drop you a line and thank you profusely for helping me through my "frivorce".
The bitch tried to take everything... she DID take everything... emotionally speaking. Financially (she stole every dime I made from my 10+ years in various third world shitholes) and when I finally told her that it was -HER- turn to pick up the slack after expending a huge amount of physical capital (end count of injuries include 2 bullet wounds, a rebuilt knee from a suicide bomber... 3 shrapnel wounds and 5+ Traumatic Brain  injuries...PTSD... never mind the lower half of a lung to cancer from the burn pits...)
I literally shed blood for this cunt by the bucketful, and when I finally got -done- as in "I fucking can't do it anymore and hey baby you're making enough that I can stay at home and semi retire" she accused me of felony domestic violence, assault, and child abuse...
Totally pulled the trigger, b/c my money was 'our money' and her money was HER money and fuck off wanker you're of no more use to me...
In the end though, it cost me $18000 in a good lawyer, but I came out with
No alimony (she wanted $1000 a month lifetime)
No more child support... I have 2x spawn, one who is 17 but the court slammed me with the legal max of $860 a month b/c vagina and I was a big eeeeevil man... that shit is OVER now
No paying her lawyers fees
No paying her ANYTHING EVER.
And I got the fucking house... to quote Daffy Duck: "MINEMINEMINEMINE!!!"
Your page tho helped significantly in keeping my "frame" and setting the expectations that it was a war I was in, and I had to forget being 'civilized'...
Many Thanks Sir... keep up the great work... Feel free to use any of the above and if you want to laugh, my blog has a couple of chuckles here n there from the war. One of these days I might get back into it.
Best Regards
Man, you are most welcome. And I do not consider it a piece of shit.

And I have enjoyed your blog. Some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me whistle, some of it makes me wince. Digging between the lines especially. One helluva read.

This man was blogging from Kuwait/Iraq in 2008/2009, before the government  of the time (the Obama fuckers and co) started censoring everything under the sun that might leak out of the armed forces on the ground. Yes we (the media) have been making Bush look like shit - but can't have Obama looking bad, now can we. (Funny how blacks went downhill economically under his watch. Very funny. Not. How's that for bad?)

The point of censoring seems to have started in 2009 - years ago - this man was the big Four Oh at the time, had been around there for 6 years, and my God. Shot and blown to doll-rags, PTSD from a million tons of shit that we never hear about in the media. Eventually goes home, says "gal, I'm shot to shit, I'm semi-retiring and you can carry the load for a time". (Note: semi-retire. Not retire. He will do *something* - it might take a little time to get going, however it's built-in to men like him.)

Well, she blew it. As he states: frivorce. Only, he did exceptionally well. He got a damn good lawyer, paid the man well, and basically came out way ahead of what most men going through a frivorce do. (Praise that lawyer to the skies and put his name out there to anyone in trouble - he was very well-worth the money spent.) It sounds like it took a few years - some child-support and the like for a while - yet he has gotten through it. He's now out the other side.

From what he's stated up there, the best takeaway lesson from this: he "had to forget being 'civilized'". He realized that someone who would do what his ex did, to someone who supported and loved her and their children for years, was not his friend. Was deep-down in fact a stone-cold enemy.

I hope your kids aren't too screwed up by this, and that you get some time eventually to relax with 'em.

I'm glad that this blog helped you through that. Grab yourself a drink of your choice, try not to scare the crap out of my neighbor - she's elderly and getting very frail heh!


  1. I totally understand and agree with protecting this Man. But boy I wish I knew his blog so I could read it.

  2. There's not a lot on his blog - sensible censorship to protect the soldiers on the ground, loose lips sink ships, opsec, you know. Reading between the lines, a wealth of experience.