Sunday 30 April 2017

The Real Enemy

Back on my post about how nothing has changed, commentor Eduardo the Magnificent stated:
Trump has said from Day 1 that he wanted to defund some government programs and beef up the military. Presumably, the funds would be diverted from one to the other. Knowing that, yeah, he was probably going to get mixed up in a skirmish somewhere. Many people here equate country with military, so "America First" = strong military. Many sports teams wear camo for federal and memorial holidays.
All that being said, Trump wasn't supposed to be a savior, only a step in the opposite direction, and hopefully get some winning momentum going. I think many of his supporters will consider him a success no matter what if he builds the wall. We'll see.
I've been thinking about this, as well as digging through AFoR's old posts (and working my ass off, and hiking, and etc).

Well, I've finished up AFoR's stuff and am digesting it a bit. Have also been getting back into reading my "regulars" again. Turns out that Brett Stevens over at Amerika has come up with a lot of interesting stuff about Trump and the strike on Syria and etc - mostly that it was a signal to the Russians and Chinese to back the fuck off.

To me, this makes a good deal of sense. So yes Eduardo, I now think that you are right.

We probably won't see the full results of fixing the shit-sandwich which Trump has been handed until after his term is over (perhaps well after). Of course, his successor(s) (of whichever political party) will be the one(s) taking the credit if things turn out well.
Some other things that Brett writes are very interesting also, including his take on Anders Breivik. Who has apparently taken the Norwegian court system to task for inhumane treatment (he's been in solitary confinement - it seems that some of this has been relaxed).

To recap: Breivik killed 77 people (here's some of the names and ages) at a Workers' Youth League camp. The Workers' Youth League is Norway's largest political youth organization, affiliated with the Norwegian Labour Party. Aka the Left, as it were. (Note: the Norwegian Labour Party is currently in power.)

This has some disturbing parallels of Hitler's "Kraft durch Freude" or "strength through joy" concept. The basic idea was to send hardworking Germans to a seaside holiday camp (most ordinary Germans at the time had never seen the sea). There they would take part in planned activities and suchlike, with the ideal aim of turning them into National Socialists or at least sympathizers.

From the point of view of lower-class people being able to experience middle-class lifestyle (at the time) this was one hell of an enticement for people to become Nazi's. Some 10-odd-million people had been through it before WWII broke out. Also: don't forget the Hitler Youth, another political youth organization.

With this comparison between then and now, Breiviks' actions become rather more interesting than the "mass murderer" commonly depicted in the media. He:

* realized that the culture of his nation is being destroyed via immigration of scum

* correctly identified the real enemy of his nation as being those in power who imported said scum

* struck at the roots of the indoctrination system being used by those in power to bring up their next crop of useful idiots and various enablers for further immigration of scum

Of course, none of this will make it into the mainstream media. No. He's a mass-murderer, end of story.

So I now begin to understand some of the thinking behind this. (Note that I've not read Breiviks' manifesto - you can find an online copy via duckduckgo or google if you're interested.)
So, we have identified the real enemy: the Left, those in power and their useful idiots who continue to enable them to import rapefugees at a high rate.

The Wests' culture is being destroyed at a great rate by the importation of third-world scum and criminals. Those who do this, along with those who enable them, must be classified as the real enemy.

Shoot them, like Breivik? I'd be a chickenhawk if I said "yes". Though it is good to see that Trump is actually starting to drain the swamp over in America - perhaps the purging of the real enemy is already beginning.

We will see. I'm still a little pessimistic about the whole process.
Looking at our shit-awful social situation at present, we see the very obvious enemy: teh wimminz and their propensity to "ride the cock carousel".

Take a deeper look, a more real enemy is ourselves: we allowed this shit-storm to accumulate through a combination of inattention and laziness.

The deepest look of all though, the real enemy is whoever started and continues the process of pushing this insanity to absurd heights.

Ordinary women? No. They just take advantage of the system.

PUA, red-pill, so-called Chads? No. They just take advantage of the system.

Clueless men who lap up teh wimminz runny shit, put them on a pedestal, worship them, tell them they can do no wrong, etc? No. They're being taken advantage of by the system.

Commercialism, the businesses and people who sell teh wimminz unnecessary shit ("I have another handbag/shoes/whatever, post it up on facecrap, woot look at meeee! I'm speshul!!")? No. They just take advantage of the system.

Feminism and academia? Ah, now we're starting to make some sense...when we think of academia as yet another holiday-training-camp for the shaping of minds for the politically-convenient and enabling views of others...

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  1. Trump doesn't need to "beef up" the american military, for Christ's sake. The American military has more beef than any other military in history, anywhere. People forget that the War Department is a government department in many respects like any other.

    The USA is swiftly arriving - if they haven't already arrived - at the situation where the military is the only organ of government able to do anything. At that stage, the military simply is the government. We see this when we see american generals making foreign policy. Stick a fork in it, as they like to say, it's done.

    The military is the epitome of a centrally-planned organisation. This is why every single country run by a cabal of generals is a shitheap.

    1. It's effectiveness is debatable, mostly because of recruiting women into it.

      Interesting points though. I will have a think - not sure that I have anything to contribute along those lines though.