Friday 13 January 2017

...root of all evil

The beginning bitterness of those who take the so-called Red Pill can take some predictable turns. As we get more used to it, we become more relaxed. Hopefully our minds throw of the reactionary shackles that we place upon ourselves, the unthinking hatreds we take in our bounceback.

For example, over on /r/MGTOW is a man who states that women are the root of all evil:
As the title states. The vast majority of society is blue pill. The life of a blue pill man revolves around women.
From the clothes they wear, to the cars they drive, to the houses they pick, to the wars they start, to the insecure bravado-like behavior they engage in. It all revolves around ONE thing -- attaining women.
Without women, you don't need much money at all. This is why governments and corporations (essentially one-in-the-same) make sure that a man is firmly brainwashed from birth, and that his life revolves around women.
A man whose life revolves around women will be easily controlled, and they will spend a FUCK TON of money. Which is just how they want you.
Without the need to impress women and compete, there would be no insecurities, no wars, a rather peaceful society.
So, you see, it is not money that is the root of all evil. It is women. EVERY decision of the blue pill world can be traced back to attaining the almighty vagina.
He makes exceptionally good points here. Sex sells, 100% agree! Everything - everything! - for the average man revolves around getting access to vagina.

But saying that women are the root of all evil? That's just over the top. Also not 100% truth.

When we stop and take the time to think about it, it's not women per se that are the root of all evil. I would put it differently:
It is the uncontrollable desire for women which is the root of all evil.
This is a more subtle distinction and description of the situation.

As Uncle Bob put it, in classical/biblical terms: greed, lust, and sloth. (He stated exactly this on my post about hypergamy.)

I think it has become time to explore this in more detail.

Greed. This feeds into both lust and sloth. Those who have much (money, in modern terms) have easier access to women. They also have a much easier path through life, so long as they don't waste everything. (All things in moderation.)

Lust. We all lust for our woman - else why the hell are we with her? (This is not a bad thing, either. It is the biological expression of the need to mate, spread our seed, sire the next generation.) Uncontrollable desire is when we go crazy for a particular woman - or conversely, go crazy for multiple women.

(Looked at from this angle, the whole concept of PUA is the development of lust with the object of satiating this lust with multiple women - quality varies. There's another, different view of the mentality of those pushing the PUA agenda. Pushers, suppliers of a drug, attempting to make more addicts to line their pockets.)

Sloth. People are inherently lazy. This manifests in different ways by sex.

In overtly matriarchal/primitive societies, where women choose (barring pillage and rape) the men are generally lazy. This is the source of Camille Paglia's comment "if civilization were up to women we'd be living in grass huts".

In our current covert matriarchy, men's lust is shackled via greed to building up a "safe space" aka civilization for women and children - where the men work hard for access to vagina. The women have become slothful in that they can trade access to their vagina for pretty-much whatever they want. In many cases they can't even be bothered making much effort re the process - any access will do them (another form of sloth).

For examples of greed feeding lust/sloth, see the movies Pretty Woman and Indecent Proposal. Especially think about Indecent Proposal - when you think about it, quite a "red pill" movie. For a million dollars cash under the table, what would a woman not do?

I know a fresh-faced 18yo, fuckin' gorgeous, who flat out states: "I'm not a prostitute but 50 bucks is 50 bucks." She laughs about it. She's well on her way to being a Dubai Porta-Potty. The degree is the only difference. (Ah, nostalgia...I can't help but feel a little sad for this 18yo...I know, stupidly sentimental unicorn-chasing of me. Especially when she did it to herself.)

Bought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.
Tonight, I will hoist yet another quiet glass of Grand Marnier to an old friend. I wrote about Ray and his parasite a while back, how I expected him to have a breakdown and/or kill himself.

Well, he had a breakdown early last year - it bought him a little time, I believe. Unfortunately, it wasn't time enough or enough of a wakeup to make him sort out his bitch-problem.

More recently, a few weeks before Christmas last year, he killed himself. (A stupid farmer's "accident" with a tractor. He knew way, way better than to do that. Deep down, he did not want to live.)

Goodbye, Ray. A sad waste and a sad ending. You will be missed for the good times we had.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent14 January 2017 at 05:04

    I agree. Master yourself and you'll never be defeated. Desire for women is normal. It's also normal for women to try to use this desire to their full advantage. It is men who have driven up the cost of pussy. Remember: women are like water, they take the shape of whatever container you put them in. Put them back in their place, and they'll go.

    1. Make a solid container, of laws and rules and standards. Force them into it - or throw them into the garbage dump. I agree. That's what used to happen.