Monday 1 December 2014

Anonymous Rape Accusations

Over on Return Of Kings, it seems that the feminists have changed the stats on rape once more - plus it's now going mainstream to accuse someone anonymously:

Are Our Fears About Anonymous Rape Accusations Coming True

So here is my counter-retort to that (put up there as a commentary):
Predicted the decrease in rape-statistic hysteria a while back. Soon it will be 1 in 2, then "all men are rapists". (BPS: like here and here.) 
Look at a girl: "He looked at me. Now I feel violated. Eye-raaaaype!" 
Spank your girl's ass, all her frenemies will scream: "Raaaaype!" 
Give her the best sex she's had in her life, leave her walking funny, huge smile on her face and gushing submissiveness, break up with her six months later: "Raaaaype!" 
This hysteria bullshit has long-past overridden the "innocent until proven guilty" maxim to "always fucking guilty if you're a man". It is long past time that it was reversed: "You cry rape? Proof or it didn't happen. Until you have that proof, shut your mouth." Then enforce that with serious penalties for perjury and false accusation, plus charge them for wasting the time of the courts. 
To deal with this and similar problems, I have a modest proposal for all men to follow. It uses the old adage of: "The best defense is a good offense." 
When she cries "rape". He then cries "child abuse" and "child neglect" and "child molestation". Allow it to be anonymous also. Show them that the street of anonymous accusations goes both ways. Up the ante, turn the dial to eleven, accuse them ALL. 
All these whores of single mommies are suddenly hit in their most vulnerable spots: their reputations and wallets. Suddenly their only "pwecious bubsy-wubsy" child is being taken away from them as a protective measure "for the sake of the child" - and much of their social-circle reputation is stripped away from them into the bargain. Just imagine the glee of their frenemies to that! 
All the welfare mommies and crackwhores suddenly lose their daddy-state-sponsored child-support cheque. For extra fun the government departments responsible for handling and processing said children will have a glut of work, be overwhelmed. 
A further thought. A man might want to add "child sex trafficking" for an extra twist of the knife - and insta-speed on the part of the police. Make them do some extra work as well, chasing something more significant than somebody in possession of 1/10th of an ounce of marijuana.
This is something that seriously does need to be put into practice. Show women that despite the bias of the "feminized family courts" there are some things which they cannot squirm their way out of. Show them that there are points beyond which even they dare not step.

Hell, it's not even physical violence that's occurring in retaliation. It's Black Knighting to the nth power: using their own system of (in)justice against them.

Now you will know what it feels like to be hoist on your own petard.


  1. Remember - when a kid goes into foster care, everyone involved gets free money from the federal government. Well, except the parents, obviously. Child care agencies outright sell kids to foster parents for money.

    1. Is that how it works? Interesting - quite open to racketeering. Plus putting more strain upon the system, causing everything to fall to bits sooner.

      At least you've still ripped the soul right out of the bitch. Assuming that she has one - and considers her child to be anything more than an optional accessory cum meal-ticket.

      BTW, I am fully aware that I sound like a prize piece of shit, using a child as a weapon instead of considering them to be a human being and treating them decently. Women commonly use their own children in this manner in divorce situations - without once considering either their children or their ex-husband to be a human being.

      It's all about poisonous hatred and getting back at the ex.

    2. For extra cynicism points: I wonder how many of these "foster caregivers" are actually set up with organized crime. Child labor, child prostitution, child mules, child couriers, all that really good stuff. Plus they get paid by the government to take the child in, nice bonus!

      "Here kid, have a popsicle. Now take this baggie over to the bearded man over there in the corner."

      Next generation of criminals in training. All the Liberals whining about these poor little dears of child criminals "it's been so terribly hard for them" so nobody can touch the little shits. Vicious cycle. Winner!

      Noooooo. That's so damn depressing.

  2. Rape is the new virginity

    Instead of claiming cash for their virginity, they want cash for being raped

    They know their diseased pounded by a thousand cocks, vaginas, are worthless

    Its nothing more then a bid to raise the value of their diseased vaginas