Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Book Review: The Great Female Con

Out here in the Manosphere, we are often labelled and dismissed as misogynist and male chauvinist pigs (women's double-standards deliberately overlook the existence of female chauvinist pigs, created by feminism).

This is not entirely unjustified. The process of downing the Red Pill is a difficult one. It's a huge adjustment to make, swallowing and digesting the truth after a lifetime of being fed sweet-tasting lies. Imagine a fat person going on a diet: instead of unlimited cake and pastry and donuts they have to swallow a limited mix of lean meat and vegetables while exercising daily.

It's kinda bitter and difficult and easy to backslide.

Most of the writings are tinged with this bitterness, most definitely mine also. Which makes this book: The Great Female Con such a great read. It is written in a matter-of-fact style to impart knowledge in a way that can be absorbed easily, with examples from the author's life to help illustrate. Any honest man will know of several men in his life who experienced the same things.

In my opinion the following chapters of this book are pure gold - these alone will make absolute sense to any man who reads it and are definitely worth buying the book for:

Chapter 2: Life is About Options. This chapter explains exactly how women have more options than men do in marriage, in simple and logical terms. It also explains how and why anyone reacts differently in situations if they have more options, men as well as women.

Chapter 4: No Respect, Immaturity, Self-Righteousness. This chapter explains why (in the authors opinion) men are on the whole more mature than women. Part of it is options, part is social programming and brainwashing.

Chapter 8: The "Oops" Con. You can guess what this chapter covers: entrapment. Surprisingly, the statistic that roughly 40% of pregnancies are accidental - while The Pill has a scientifically-proven <1% chance of failure - is not mentioned. That's a fuckload of oopsies happening. I call bullshit, there are no accidental pregnancies.

Chapter 11: The Priority Lists. This chapter explains the different priorities of men and women - once you understand this twinned list, you will understand where each sex comes from and can relate to the other with a bit of effort.

In all a thoroughly informative read that doesn't have the lingering bitterness that many of us men in the Manosphere have. Every man should read it.

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